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Stand Out at 2016 Holiday Fairs, Shows, and Bazaars

Are you preparing a booth or table for an event this holiday season? These shopping extravaganzas bring a captive, eager audience to your brand, but you’ll be one of many to choose from. You have to stand out. Need some ideas? I gathered advice from some expert sellers (whose humility alone outshines their keen knowledge […]

Creating Holiday Content that Matters – and Converts

It’s time to think past the standard holiday gift guides. They have their place and are certainly useful. {We should talk about how you should create them and how you should participate.} But when it comes to holiday content – on your blog or even social media platforms like Instagram – there are so many […]

September 2016 Make Say Do Guide

September is a weird month to me. We are a third of the way through the month already and I’m just now realizing it’s actually September. And that always seems to happen. None the less, here is your free September 2016 Make Say Do Guide. Whether you have a creative business or a handmade retail […]

It’s Here… Special New Biz Copywriting Package

I’ve been talking about doing this for a while, so I’m so excited to finally share this with you. I’m offering a special package just for those who are starting or about to start a new business. The Scenario: I know during those early days, when you are just starting to get your business off […]

The Key to Unlocking Your Unique Photography Brand

Are you struggling to set yourself apart, as a photographer? You know you have a distinct perspective and a unique style, but how do you put that into words? How do you write about that? How do you describe that Point of View in your About page, on your Services page, in your Blog posts, […]

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