With so many options out there, the shopping power is truly in the hands of the shopper. Even if you have a unique product or service, you are probably not the only option out there. With the Internet and ease of transportation, shoppers know they don’t need to make a decision right now… And there are some places they feel especially relaxed and don’t want to pressured.

– Social Media –
The purpose is in the name – socializing. People take their social media experiences very personally and do not want to be bombarded with pushy sales tactics. They feel invaded and will quickly click “block.”

– Events –
Parties, festivals and fairs are great places to spread your message – but with sugar-high kids and SO many choices, people can be quickly overwhelmed, which shuts their pocketbooks immediately.

– Pop Ups –
And I don’t just mean the ones online. In a store or other venue, the classic “catch em off guard” approach works rarely. People generally shop with a purpose or for enjoyment and rarely like the sneak attack.

When you are in a venue of enjoyment and relaxation, pushy irrelevant sales tactics turn people off. In these places, you want to use words of welcome, invitation and comfort, not pressure, urgency and intensity. Not sure what those words are? Stay tuned tomorrow for a video about classic pushy words.

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