So how do you know whom your customers are buying for this year? Knowing their gift lists helps you target your ads to their seasonal buying habits.

1) Social Media

Find out what people are talking about. If moms are your target audience, read up on their links and conversations. What are they already buying? What are they still looking for?

2) Strategic Searches

Do a quick twitter search with keywords relating to your product. What are people saying about it? If they are purchasing related items, they will probably mention for whom they bought it. Take notes. Who’s buying what for whom?

3) Ask Away

Do some posts, surveys, questions asking your followers what they want. For whom are they still shopping? What gifts do they still need? You don’t have to do an overt sales pitch. Just ask. “What are you shopping for?”

These simple tasks will give you strategic information. {Sign up for my newsletter, going out Wednesday, for tips on using that information.}