Newsletter ChangesFor a couple years now, I’ve struggled with what to offer in my newsletter. A while back, I played with the idea of offering exclusive content – as a thanks for letting me pop by your inboxes, but there were problems with that. How exclusive is exclusive? And on the newsletter, you can’t interact with me and one another – as you can on social media and the blog.

I offered a discount or two – but everyone has unique needs and no one fits into a single offering.

I settled on the idea of writing you a note once or twice a month – to discuss trends and marketing, but it never felt right. In fact, it was an absolute struggle – which is saying a lot, because writing comes easy to me. It’s THE way I communicate.

Then I was binge-watching some Gary Vaynerchuk videos when it hit me, I was trying to personalize automation. With a “Thank You Economy” mindset and a focus on being a real human behind your brand, Gary talks a lot about how you shouldn’t try to act like you’re providing something personal – when it’s clearly automated.

That’s why it never worked for me, internally. I love writing emails and connecting with business owners, and finding out what they are up to! But I don’t love having to pretend like I’m being personal and warm and conversational – when I’m really trying to talk to a diverse audience, all at once, with the click of a Send button.

So… I’ve decided to completely change the way I send newsletters. From now, until I have another great epiphany, my newsletter will be a clearly automated round up of posts shared over on the website.

For those of you who enjoy what I share, it will be a great way to find out what you’ve missed and catch up.

For those who like warm, conversational email styles, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

For those who just don’t love any of these options, and would prefer I stay out of their overflowing inbox, I completely understand… Here’s the unsubscribe link.

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