DASI IntroAfter reading this article from the American Marketing Association about the influence of aunts on the economy, I started thinking about my own life. In the last year or so, I have gained a godson and a niece/goddaughter, to add to my nephews and other goddaughter. To say we love those little ones is to underestimate it. We would take them all in as our own in a heartbeat. We think they are absolutely adorable, and brilliant, and almost perfect.

I related to much of what the article talked about. We tend to be pretty up to date on the latest trends and technology. (Yes, we do have that app!) We spend a lot of time and whatever money it takes to get them just the right gifts. (It doesn’t matter if they don’t need them. In fact, it’s better that they don’t.) We kind of love being “cool” in their eyes.

The article claims that we aunties spend $9 billion a year on toys, gifts, treats, and more on those little ones! $9 billion. Nothing to sneeze at. Definitely something to consider in marketing! That’s what I’m going to help you do this year. Over the next few months, we aunties are going to spend the majority of that $9 billion. Are you ready to capture some of that?

I’ll be doing two main things to help you market to that unique market:


I'm a Dasi1) A DASI Gift Guide.
This is will be a lookbook-style, age and interest categorized gift guide just for aunties to flip through and discover items that their NephNies will just love! It’s an ideal place for small businesses and entrepreneurs because aunts love to support boutiques and shop and find unique gifts. I’m offering this as an exclusive, limited, free opportunity for my readers and clients.
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2) DASI Tips

If you want to get the attention of DASIs this season, stop by the blog and check out the newsletter throughout the next few months and into the holiday season. I will be sharing various tips and ideas for speaking to this group and meeting their unique shopping needs.

Dasi Gift Guide



Wait… what’s a DASI?
Well, full disclaimer, the original Savvy Auntie refers to the market as PANKs… Professional Aunts, No Kids. I don’t relate entirely with that term. First, it’s not about not having kids. My NephNies and we will always have a different relationship than my kids and I… Why? They are our buddies. We don’t discipline. We don’t have to change diapers. We hangout. We talk and laugh and play. We’re buds. When I was younger, own DASI took my sister and I out on a girls day that included a convertible rental and afternoon at the beach. She wasn’t without kids, but she wanted to give us that memory of hanging out. Also, it’s not about Professionals… it’s about a Spendable Income. I have one sister still in school, not yet a professional, but sometimes she spends as much as I do. Because that money is set aside just for our niece.

So that’s a DASI. A Doting Aunt with a Spendable Income.
Maybe she has kids. Maybe she doesn’t. Yet. Maybe she works full-time. Or goes to school full-time. The important part is she loves the kids in her life like they are her own. And she is ready to spend.

Are you ready to market to her?