Are you sad they are over? Are you ready to catch up on some sleep?


There’s a lot we can talk about regarding the last two weeks of events – here are a few business lessons gleaned.

Consider Time Zones.

I get that they needed to be in prime time. But when you’re on the West Coast, and everything happens 12 hours before you get to see it, spoilers happen. When you send a newsletter or a Tweet, or anything else, consider the time of day – throughout the time zones.

Be Ready with an Answer.

I can’t imagine competing in the Olympics. I can’t imagine competing in the Olympics and heading straight to a live interview. I can’t imagine competing in the Olympcs, headings straights to a live interview, and being asked why I was only second in the world in my sport. Tough questions come at Tough times. Be ready with smooth answers.

Never Tire of Explaining… Ever.

You know what you do and why. And it’s exhausting to explain over and over and over. It must be tiring for commentators to explain how gymnastics scoring works or what a heptathlon is. But even though we watch it every four years, we never remember these things. And we wouldn’t watch if they didn’t explain… again. Remember – it’s your vision, it’s your wheelhouse, it’s your responsibility to explain, again.

Stories are Important

I always tune into my regular favorite sports. The rest of the time… it’s just noise in the background. Until they break in to a story. Then all of a sudden I’m rooting for the struggling farming, mother of four from Kenya, or the runner from USC who was shot in the leg. Stories Matter. They make all the difference!

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