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DASIs – Doting Aunts with a Spendable Income

We spend a lot of money on our little ones – nephews, nieces, godchildren, and more. $9 billion per year, according to the American Marketing Association in fact. You want to get in on that! But first you have to understand the mind of us aunties… and uncles for that matter.

Allow me to shatter some myths.

1) We wait until the last minute and grab what’s available.
If you could see the container that is now moved OUT of my closet and into the middle of my office, and the boxes that are starting to pile up on my doorsteps, and the receipts that land in my inbox everyday. We are strategic shoppers. There are very specific things we want to give… not just a toy from the airport shop on our way out of town.

2) We splurge and go crazy.
We understand the difference between spoiling and spoiling rotten. We never, ever want to overstep boundaries or outshine parents. (Usually…) We generally have a set price point in mind, but are happy to break it if need be.

3) We are commercially driven.
We know that chances are their favorite characters and the latest toys are ON their lists already… if not wrapped in the back of closets already. We tend to think a bit more nostalgically, about classic toys, as well as more memorably, about gifts that will be treasured or used for years. We often tend to buy items that are made for kids a bit older – for them to grow into.

What does that mean for you as a brand owner or marketer? Focus your marketing around memories together and memories for a lifetime. We know that we aren’t parents, but we want those little ones to know we love them – and giving gifts is one way we can do that.