When you fill out a profile or fill in a box about you, how do you approach it? How do you answer “who are you?” Is it a list of nouns?

That’s what most people do. If you spend just a few minutes looking through Twitter bios, you will see the same profiles over and over and over again. “Wife, mom, business owner” “Knitter, sewer, coffee drinker” “Mom of two, blogger, friend” “Foodie, wifey, mommy”

You see the problem with this, right? Who does this really describe? Why should I follow you instead of the next profile – of a mommy, blogger, wife, Etsy shop owner.

This week, let’s talk about those lists of nouns and how to change them!        

  • http://tothenth.net To the Nth

    Oh, I am looking forward to this series! It can be a struggle to get across a message of sufficiently attention-grabbing “oomph” in the limited space of, say, a Twitter profile.

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