Do you have a task on your desk that is growing stale? You don’t want to touch it, look at it, acknowledge it in any way… You just want it to disappear.

Thats the mucky, sticky marketing we are talking about. The communication that gives you cold shivers just thinking about it.

Even if there is no such creature on your desk today, it is likely lurking around the next corner.

Here are some examples of those squirmy uncomfortable tasks:
– Price Increase Letter or Email
– Blog Announcement of New Rates
– Letter to Employees regarding change in management
– Ad announcing the retirement of a popular product or service
– Invoice or Invoice Followup
– Proposal or Price Quote (particularly for a high fee)
– Post announcing a change in direction or focus
– Email regarding a move
– Memo addressing the release of a client or employee
– Cold call or email (for the sake of sales or marketing)

All of these items can languish to the point of irrelevance because they make us uncomfortable. We are unsure how to maintain our brand image in the midst of them. They give us this paralysis because they involve one or more of these fears:
– Fear of alienation
– Fear of a negative perception
– Fear of money talk

Tomorrow we are going to address those three fears.

Today… I want you to identify the one piece of communication you fear today. Leave it in the comment section below (or email me if you want to be anonymous.) I will address some of those specifics tomorrow!