Coffee LoveWorking remotely, I often wish I could hangout with my clients around a cup of coffee… with Starbucks, that’s just a bit easier. Build customer loyalty and share a little love with an eGift card.

The best part is you can get creative – share with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, your newsletter and so on.

Wondering how you can share some coffee with your faithful followers? It’s pretty easy!

Buy a Starbucks eGift card or register a physical Starbucks card. You’ll need a Starbucks account, as well as the Starbucks app on your phone or mobile device. {Those I’ve talked to about this method have a dedicated card just for clients/customers. It makes it easy to just fill it up when you’re ready to share!}
When you’re ready to share some caffeinated love, fill your card with the amount you want to share. Go to that card on your mobile app and either swipe or click it so it flips around and shows you the barcode on teh back. Take a screenshot of the barcode. You can then share the photo from there or email it to yourself if you want to edit or crop it. Just make sure the barcode is in your image! Now share it wherever you want – social media, emails, blogs, etc. Your customers just have to pull that image up on their mobile devices and scan that barcode when they order a coffee! And when it’s gone, it’s gone!

I got this idea from HorseFeathers Gifts who shares coffee love with their followers every few months.

Are you thinking of other ways you can use this trick? A way to connect with friends and family around the globe on a special day. A surprise for staff who are out in the field. How will you use it?