You said this would be the year that you would shop small, but the deals sucked you in? I get it. It happens to us all. And… some of those big name brands were once small. It’s not always a bad thing, but if you’ve decided that 2014 is going to be THE year that you shop small, here are some brands to start with to get you started in the right direction!

Pushing PapersPushing♥Papers
A great place to start in the New Year is stationery and paper goods. They are often such an inexpensive luxury and disposable that we grab them at our local office supply store and don’t think twice. But shopping small for small items makes a BIG difference in the lives of the creators and the stockers! Shop with Pushing♥Papers Here.

Paper MiniskirtPaper Miniskirt
This is the year that you will be organized. The year memories come out of drawers and onto walls. The year you embrace all those things you love and keep them in order. Instead of buying supplies from a big box store, try handmade organizers and memo boards. They bring a touch of style to your resolutions. Shop with Paper Miniskirt Here.

HorseFeathersHorseFeathers Gifts
When you order a product, do you know what the materials are made of? Where they come from? What they are packaged in? Where the packaging is made? HorseFeathers introduced recycled shipping materials… made in the US, just this month. Shop with HorseFeathers Here.

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Timorah Beales Photography in Virginia
Customer service is a driving force in marketing right now. Everyone is trying to win that game. Did you ever think of looking small for tech support or skill building? Business owners like Timorah Beales, of Hampton Roads Virginia, have started adding classes to their schedules to bring you one on one support. Check her out here.