Airing Dirty Laundry

As video and images grow in popularity and regularity, social media becomes more and more personal. Maybe it shouldn’t be called “social media,” but “personal media.” While sharing every little thing can open our private lives to public scrutiny, you can protect yourself, and your loved ones, while still connecting with your customer base and building a following.

Knowing your Limits
Decide now what you will share and what you will never share. Make categories. What is off limits to you? Your kids? Your spouse? Your own face? Your home? Your address? Your location? Once you know which lines you won’t cross, you can freely post things in your open categories. Knowing what you can share (by knowing what you won’t) will keep your posts personal, spontaneous, and fun.

Remember Your Audience
This is a tough balance. When you’re sharing peeks into your life, it’s important to remember your ultimate brand goal – to sell. And connecting with (and selling to) customers is about them, not you. Keep in mind what they are interested in seeing. They want to know more about your shop, your studio, your day to day. They want to be inspired, not disappointed. They want to be motivated, not frustrated. They want to connect, not feel bombarded.

Honesty without Overshare
Here’s where it gets difficult. There’s a fine line between inspiring your followers with looks into reality and awkward, cringe-inducing negativity or pessimism. How do you show a messy room or sinkful of dishes? It all goes back to the first two rules – don’t share past your limits and remember what your followers WANT to hear. They want to see the mess, but be inspired past it. They want honesty, without embarrassment or discomfort.

Find a plan and balance that work for you – and stick to it. Don’t worry as much about what the experts say and focus on what you and your customers love.