Let’s Get Your Words Back to Work.


Your Words

• Company/Product Names
• Media/Press Kits
• About Pages
• Product Descriptions
• Taglines and Slogans
• Mission and Vision Statements
• Ecommerce Emails
• Press Releases
• Blog Posts
• Web Pages
• Internal Communications[/col1]


At Work

• Editing for Content
• Brand Focus
• Rewrites for Length
• Consistent Messages
• Correct Grammar
• Clear Communication
• Crisp Stories
• Compelling Content
• Custom Responses
• And Wordsmithing when your pages are still blank.[/col2]

How Does It Work?

Let’s save you time. I know you hate staring at a document. Let me do it for you. I’ll be a second pair of eyes that keeps you from a gaffe. A fresh look to keep your content clear, concise, compelling. Let’s get started today. I would love to work with you – to get you back to work.


What Else Do You Need?

If your business needs a logo, a graphic, or other service I don’t offer, you can still drop me an email – I work with businesses every day and would be happy to share a few references.