So how does it work?

It’s all about saving you time. You send me outlines, pieces, your articles, your bits and words. I check for consistency, edit for grammar, rearrange as necessary, and generally prepare it for you to post, send, or print. I often describe the process like this: “You braindump, I clean it up.”

Whether you are working on a blog post, press release, policies, email communication, or just about any other business writing, internal or external, I know you have the ideas – but you don’t have the time to edit, check, prepare. Send it to me. I can do it. 

What if my page is still blank?

Sometimes the ideas don’t come together as easily as they should. Rather than staring at that blank page, let’s get you back to work. I can put together your article, release, or other item. Let’s chat about it today.

What sets you apart?

I marry grammar nerdiness with customer focus. I can keep your content concise and compelling. I understand marketing, sales, and what works in business. I transform jargon into client speak. Because my focus is entrepreneurs and small business owners, I go deeper than fixing your grammar errors… I make sure you are telling your story, sharing  your vision, selling your product as well as you can. And yet, yes, I am a linguistic nerd.

How do you get paid?

I send invoices via FreshBooks. You will receive an email invoice for the finished work we did . You can pay online or via check. 

What’s your industry focus?

My industry is Words – with a focus on entrepreneurial professionals. Aside from that, my clients range from creative to technical, manufacturing to service based. 

Which style/format do you prefer?

Well, I cut my proverbial teeth on the AP Stylebook, but I prefer the Oxford comma, so that’s an issue. My background in linguistics lends itself to a keen interest in the why’s behind the styles. The bottom line is if you have a preference, we will follow that. If not, you will get a mix of the “standard” formats, based on logical, natural style. 

Ready to get started? Tired of staring at documents? Let’s get your words back to work.