6 Reasons Gmail Tabs Are Good

Ever feel like a salmon swimming upstream? That’s how my outlook on the Whole Gmail’s New Layout Thing feels. While the world rushes by with descent and complaints, I really don’t hate it. In fact, I think it might actually be good for your business. Here’s why:

1) It keeps us honest. Business is about sales, profits, and frankly… promotions. I know we all work hard to provide value in our newsletters – rightfully so – but at the end of the day, it’s about closing the deal.
2) It keeps us organized. As a gmail user and newsletter subscriber, I only sign up for emails that I want to get. It’s easy enough to unsubscribe. I actually look forward to having time to read through them all, and really consider what I want to buy or buy into!
3) It keeps us focused. We live in an ADHD world, with new things popping in to distract us all the time. Unfortunately, we can’t always just turn it all off while we are working, if we are waiting on an email especially. The Primary box keeps things less distracted.
4) It keeps us in the inbox. Going back to point 3, when I am distracted, I tend to hit Delete rather often. When I know I can go back to the Promotions box later, I tend to actually open them all.
5) It keeps us in mind. When we open an email, we are reminded of the sender, what they do, why we signed up for their emails in the first place.
6) It keeps us personal. Still bugged by the Promotion and Update tabs? Send a personal email. It’s something we should all be doing more often anyway.

So what do you think?

Gmail Tabs Rock

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