The Hard Sell.

The very name is a little off putting.

It makes you cringe. “Stay away!”

That pushy, in your face style can win you a bad reputation that will be difficult to recover from.

The hard sell is pushy, conivying, aggressive and demanding. It allows for little time to think, consider, evaluate, compare. It’s a bit desperate.

And frankly, it doesn’t often work.

If you can soften that hard sell, present your products in a respectful, calm, pleasant manner, you will exponentially increase the chances of your product or service leaving you in exchange for money – under good circumstances – as opposed to you kicking it out the door with a hard sell.

Follow along this week as we explore the components of a hard sell and look for pleasant alternatives that are even more successful.

Experienced an unpleasant hard sell? Share it with us below.

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