Talking TexturesYou know how beautiful, rich, high quality your products are, but what if your customers can’t feel them? What if touch is the key to connection? How do you convince potential customers that they have to get their hands on your product – even before they can?

1) Is your product photography spot on? The photos should be close up and crisp. Can you see the details, such as shimmer, fluff, or ripple? Show the item in action – how does a bracelet drape? How does ink look on the paper? How does the nightcream smear? (Videos can help too!)

2) Consult a thesaurus, but consider the undertones. Looking up adjectives and synonyms is a great way to get your mind thinking of unique ways to describe your products. Be aware of precise meanings though – you don’t want to imply something untrue or a shade off from your product.

3) Employ action, rather than adjectives. Although they can be quite helpful, a list of adjectives (or worse, lists and lists of them) can start to sound rather mundane. Use verbs and descriptive sentences, that talk about your product in motion, to convey texture, thickness, weight, and more.