I talk a lot about avoiding jargon and overused words in your copywriting.

And then I realize you may not know my own jargon… Such as copywriting.

Do you know what you’re getting or what you’re asking for when you hire a copywriter? Do you know what copy is?

Too often our minds form it’s homonym “copyright” when we think of copywriting. Copyright is about your rights to ownership over a particular piece of copy. Copy is quite informally just a chunk of writing, a bit that you use – whether it’s on your website, in brochures, in press releases, in an ad, on a video, etc.

Which brings us back to our original question. What is copywriting? It’s writing of copy. It’s developing a sentence, a slogan, a tagline, a phrase, a paragraph, a sales pitch, an email, an article, a blog post, a webpage. It’s what you need and how much you need. And it’s custom to your brand.

Kind of makes you want to hire a copywriter, doesn’t it?

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