Wholesale Pitch Letter TipsWhether you have a lot of wholesale accounts already or are just starting to expand your brand into stores, retail locations and other online boutiques, your pitch letter is your introduction to owners and decision makers. It tells them who you are, what you make or create and how you would like to work together. The following are a few items not to forget in your letter.

Your Brand Story
This shouldn’t be a novel. In fact, it shouldn’t be more than a couple sentences. You just want to tell the reader what your brand is, and what it’s about. Tell them where or how you started, what you make or create, and how it’s going.

Your Unique Value Proposition
This sounds technical, and devoid of the creative, but really this is just about what makes your brand different. Why do your customers come to you? And why do they return? What are you offering that no one else is?

Your Offer
You don’t have to play all your cards at this point, and in fact, you shouldn’t. Just tell them that you are interested in seeing how you might be able to work together. Tell them how you think your brand will enhance Then let them know how you plan to follow up.

Your Contact Information
Don’t neglect this. You don’t have to give them half a dozen links, but do make sure that you include your website, your email address and phone number, and maybe one social media link where you and your community are most active.