WhyFreelanceA quick search on LinkedIn Jobs or other job listing sites reveals just how many brands are currently hiring someone to take over the writing and rewriting of their marketing and PR efforts. From big name clothing brands to mainstream food brands, so many are eager for a fresh voice and a creative spirit.

And yet… most, nearly all, require the candidate to be in-house.

*sigh* says the collective freelance community.

We get that being in-house means being surrounded by company culture all day and the ability to collaborate face-to-face… but may I argue for a moment that being “out-of-the-house” may be just what these corporations might need.

Freelancers generally aren’t slackers. In fact, we do the work we do for the love of it… not for the eyes looking over our shoulders.

As such, we not only work efficiently and with flexible hours, but our every day lives are infused into and among our work lives. What?! It’s true. Sometimes we get up stretch, change the laundry, and grab a snack while our brains work through the next paragraph we are working on. And you know that means? It means a fresh perspective – seasoned with the realities, experiences, and language of the every day shopper.

I know that the old way of doing things is to bring someone into the office, but when you’re looking for a new wave of creativity and vision… maybe it’s time for a new way of doing things.