First… ten points to whoever can name the source of today’s title. :p

Second, this week’s topic is about making sure your customers know exactly what is expected of them and exactly what to expect from you.

I love exploring topics that are pertinent to my life. This week’s is just that. I had some contractors scheduled to work on my house. (Or rather my landlord did.) Long story short (and for the sake of dramatics) they went from looking at my wall to tearing down my wall before I even knew what was happening. (Yes, I’ve dramatized the story, but you get the point.)

Ideally, I would have known from the beginning that I needed to remove items from a room and that they would be demoing a wall.

Are you expecting certain things from your clients? Do they need to have an outfit ready for a photoshoot? Are you soon arriving at their house with a big item they need to store? Do they need to provide you with certain documents? Are you going to need access to certain websites?

This whole topic goes back to the age old issue of getting into your clients’ heads. When you know what they are thinking, you also know what they aren’t thinking.

Remember that you are the expert. That’s why they need you. They don’t know the process and what is expected. You have to tell them.

Tomorrow we will explore a handful of ways you can share this information with your customers. Until then, share with us your experiences with not being well-informed with a company…

and can you name the source of my title?

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